Data Recovery

Project Scope

Project Scope

Project Scope

We’ll examine your device to work out the best approach…

Free inspection….Check

Our free inspection service allows us to examine your failed media for you and perform a number of in-depth tests to determine the exact cause of the problem and ultimately predict the chances of successful recovery.

These tests will include a visual inspection to check for signs of impact, the integrity of the drive, a check of the key electrical components and if necessary, a more in depth analysis under clean room conditions if mechanical failure is indeed suspected and we always seek your permission prior to doing this.

You’re Always in Control

Once we have performed our tests we will be able to offer you a report of our findings, together with an accurate and fixed quotation for you to consider. You will be armed with the facts and can make your decision in your own time.

This is a ‘free’ totally ‘no obligation’ service so if you opt not to continue with the works to recover the data, then the drive will either be returned to you (a return shipping fee will apply) or if you do not require the item back then we can securely dispose of it for you.

Recovery and repairs

We are able to carry out repairs to the parts inside the hard drives, using our library of donor drives. If we don’t have the exact make/model in stock (which is unlikely), then we can source this for you once we have been given your permission to proceed with the recovery. As well as the internal parts of the drive, it is sometimes necessary to make repairs or replace other parts of the hardware.

These parts might be the PCB (printed circuit board) the read/write head stack assembly or indeed in extreme cases, swapping the platters themselves. Rest assured, our engineers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of recoveries and often there will be more than one technique applied to your case to complete the recovery process.

More Information

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