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What it costs

We keep our pricing as transparent as possible. We’ll examine your failed device for you free of charge and provide a free, no obligation quotation, within 48 hours of receipt. If you’re happy for us to go ahead, we’ll do our utmost to recover your data, but in the unlikely event that we can’t save your data, we won’t charge a penny for our efforts.

As a guide, recovery from Hard Drives with firmware issues and/or PCB/bad sectors (no mechanical repair required) will generally cost between £220 and £290.

Recovery from Hard Drives which have failed mechanically and need to be stripped down and parts replaced will usually cost between £450 and £600.

We ask for NO deposits or up-front payments and we only take payment once you have agreed a full file listing of recoverable items and you are happy with what we have recovered. (The exception to this is when hard drives have mechanically failed, where we make a charge to cover the cost of parts).

We then finalise your case – only then is the invoice for the original quotation plus any agreed items such as return media (if we are asked to provide a drive or USB Flash drive to place the data onto) drawn up and forwarded to you for payment.

If you choose not to go ahead, the only charge is a return shipping charge of £10-15 to enable us to return your Hard Drive by Royal Mail Special Delivery. If you don’t require the drive back, we’re happy to securely dispose of it for you without charge.

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