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Project Overview

Many small businesses start with the technology the founders already have around them – a personal laptop and smartphone, home broadband, and often personal or home editions of software. As a business grows, the limitations of these technologies start to become apparent, and additional software such as Dropbox is added to help. In the end, the complexity becomes a hinderance and it’s time to take proper stock and assess which technology is appropriate to support your business going forward.

It needn’t cost a fortune in time or money to create a simple, streamlined IT environment that properly supports your needs, as a great way to gain control of your business is to implement Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 has proved popular because it offers simple effective solutions to the problems many small businesses face, allowing you to:

  • Reduce cost and effort with centralised email, document sharing, storage, collaboration and video conferencing
  • Work from any device anywhere, Windows or Mac computers, and iOS, Android or Windows smartphones
  • Gain tighter control over where your data is held, and who can access it with role-based privileges
  • Maintain an audit trail for the data you hold, from consent to disposal
  • Automate processes within the platform to reduce staff overheads
  • Keep up to date with the latest MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)

Project Scope

We manage from start to finish a project to configure a new or reconfigure your existing Microsoft Office 365 environment for your organisation with appropriate Office 365 licenses for each user. We follow a 4-stage process to make sure we get everything and everyone into your new Office 365 environment and working happily:

Stage 1 of that process is focussed on initial fact-finding to create the right target design for you, and includes:

  • Practical workshops, demonstrations or discussion to explore how you work today, and how you’d like to work in the future
  • Understanding your current IT and how each of your users is set up today
  • Capturing details of the current location and volume of files and/or emails to be migrated
  • Agreeing a timeline for completion of the project

Stage 2 focusses on configuration of Office 365 and the migration of your data, specifically:

  • Create and configure your Office 365 cloud architecture
  • Configuration of user groups
  • Configuration of user access rights/privileges
  • Copying of files and/or emails to Office 365

Stage 3 involves the personalised set up of end-user devices with mail clients and sharing/back up as appropriate:

  • Configure each user’s mail client with new credentials and/or
  • Configure back-up and access to shared workspace to individual user preferences
  • Training for individual users on using the new Office 365 services

Stage 4 provides a period of on-going tweaks and optimisation to make sure your new Office 365 environment is supporting how you would like to work. For a two-month period we will:

  • Make minor changes and adjustments as required
  • Help you familiarise yourself with the Office 365 Administration tool
  • Help users with answers to “How do I …?” Questions

If you don’t want the overhead of managing your new environment yourself once your move to Office 365 is complete, we can offer a range of ongoing support options.

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