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Many small businesses start out with the technology the founders already have around them but as the business expands, and the team starts to grow, the limitations of those tools become apparent.

You spend too much time just trying to manage the everyday things, and the tools that once solved your problems now feel more like a hindrance.

How do you work out the best way forward? How do you choose the right IT for your business?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you do just that. Vividly Simple

Meet Andy Steer

Founder and Director – Vividly Simple Limited

For many years I was frustrated by the unnecessary complexity surrounding anything IT or telecoms related. Having spent as many years running my own companies as I have in corporate life, I am now in the happy position to be able to work with smaller businesses to help them to make informed choices about how and where technology can be used effectively.

Kevin and I set up Vividly Simple to help you choose the right IT for your business, removing frustration and leaving you free to grow your business, or spend time with your family, or do whatever it is you like to do.
Meet Andy Steer - Vividly Simple Founder and Director
Vividly Simple

Meet Kevin Lightfoot

Founder and Director – Vividly Simple Limited

IT projects and services often fail to meet expectations because the technologists and business interpret requirements differently. It’s a simple thing to mitigate: talk in clear plain language, think about the people using the services, spend a bit longer initially defining the desired outcomes, and be realistic.

That’s how we develop our services at Vividly Simple.