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How we can help

Technology can be frustrating and annoying, especially when it goes wrong. No matter what size your business, you don’t want to be spending your time grappling with troublesome tech.

As well as providing help and support when things go wrong (as they will from time to time), we provide advice to help you make the right technology choices for your business, and resources to help you implement those choices. We are approachable, helpful, and reliable, and provide our services in a simple, straightforward way.

We take care of your IT, leaving you free to get on with your business.

IT Help and Support

We can’t always stop your tech from playing up, but we can help you fix it quickly when it does. Whether it’s those little niggles that you’ve been putting up with for far too long, or a major frustration like your computer freezing or a critical document disappearing, don’t worry… our friendly team is here to help.

Next time your IT conspires against you, be prepared. We charge per device per month for providing email and telephone support and can usually start within a day or two of you accepting a quote or otherwise requesting to sign up.

With one-month rolling contracts there’s no minimum term, so it’s really easy to give us a try.

I was spending more and more on technical support but not getting a system that did what I wanted it to do. Vividly Simple had everything working as I wanted in no time and continue to be there whenever I need them.

Amanda, AMBA Company Secretarial

You have been fantastic in helping sort out our IT and have helped me to see how I’d like my company to operate in the future. We now have the right systems in place to support the way we want to work, and I no longer have the frustration of trying to integrate and manage all the different tools and software we used to have.

Simon, Simon Mack Architecture

Microsoft 365 Projects

Many small businesses start with the technology the founders already have around them – a personal laptop and smartphone, home broadband, and often personal or home editions of software.

The limitations of this approach will eventually become a hinderance, and that’s the time to take stock and assess which technology is appropriate to support your business going forward. Don’t worry, it needn’t cost a fortune in time or money to create a simplified, streamlined Microsoft 365 cloud-based IT environment that properly supports your business needs.

Meet Andy Steer

Founder and Director – Vividly Simple Limited

In my early career I was frustrated by the unnecessary complexity surrounding anything IT or telecoms related. Having now spent as many years running my own companies as I have in corporate life, I am in the happy position to be able to work with smaller businesses to simplify the topic and help them make informed choices about how and where technology can be used effectively.

Kevin and I set up Vividly Simple to help you choose the right IT for your business, removing frustration and leaving you free to grow your business, or spend time with your family, or do whatever it is you like to do.
Meet Andy Steer - Vividly Simple Founder and Director
Vividly Simple

Meet Kevin Lightfoot

Founder and Director – Vividly Simple Limited

IT projects and services often fail to meet expectations because the technologists and business interpret requirements differently. It’s a simple thing to mitigate: talk in clear plain language, think about the people using the services, spend a bit longer initially defining the desired outcomes, and be realistic.

That’s how we develop our services at Vividly Simple.