Telecommunications Terms

If we supply you with telecommunications services, the Telecommunications Terms set out below form part of the Agreement between us.


Artificially Inflated Traffic /AIT

a situation where the flow of telephone traffic is disproportionate to the flow of traffic which would be expected from good faith commercial practice and usage of Our Services;

Third Party Apparatus

any third-party apparatus, software, cabling, wiring, personal computers, network interface cards and network interface adapters used by You that is not owned by Us and for which We are not responsible.

Our Telecommunications Services

all those services regarded by any competent authority as telecommunications service that We provide to You;


the charges for calls made by You using the Our Telecommunications Services and any other charges made by Us for the provision of Our Telecommunications Services;

Emergency Service Calls

In order to comply with UK emergency services regulatory obligations, you must provide us with the location address of any handsets that are connected to Our Telecommunications Services. This is important because with Internet-based telephone services we may not be able to automatically identify your telephone number(s) and location details to give the operator in case of an emergency (999 or 112) call.

Other terms

You must not use or allow anyone to use Our Telecommunications Services for any of the following: 

  1. for any unlawful or illegal purposes (including but not limited to making offensive, indecent, nuisance or prank/hoax calls, to commit fraud or further a criminal offence)
  2. for improper and immoral purposes
  3. to submit, send, receive, upload, download, publish or otherwise facilitate through any materials that are libellous, defamatory, pornographic, an invasion of privacy, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, offensive, an infringement on any intellectual property rights of a third party or would otherwise violate the rights of any third party
  4. To generate Artificially Inflated Traffic

Any number we allocate you is provided solely for use with Our Telecommunications Services. However, if you ask to move your number to another supplier, we will help you to do so provided there are no technical reasons preventing the portability of the number(s) requested, and there are no outstanding Charges owed by you.

Moving a number to a new telephone provider or moving a number to us from another provider is subject to us (or our partners) having appropriate arrangements in place with that provider. You may not sell or transfer any telephone numbers we allocate to you, except through the recognised porting process.

We may be required, for contractual, operational, technical or regulatory reasons to withdraw or change a telephone number or code or group of telephone numbers or codes allocated or provisionally allocated to you. If we are required to do this, we will give you reasonable prior notice, but in such circumstances we will not be liable for any costs, inconvenience or other losses (including without limitation marketing and stationery costs) you may incur.

If you are allocated a number which falls within a range of numbers classified as being for the provision of a particular type of service, then you must make reasonable efforts to ensure that any service you provide on that number conforms with the type allocated and complies with any applicable regulations.

We may immediately terminate this Agreement without liability, on giving you notice, in the event that we are required by any regulatory body or any other independent committee or competent authority to terminate the provision of Our Telecommunications Services, or if the general authorisation extended by OFCOM to us or our partners pursuant to the Communications Act 2003, is brought into question as a direct result of your actions.

We may immediately suspend the provision of Our Telecommunications Services to you without any liability if you don’t pay your bills, or you break any of the terms of this addendum, or we are required to do so by a competent authority

You are responsible for the security of your computer systems, phone systems, Third Party Apparatus and the integrity of information stored on those systems.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from your use of Third Party Apparatus.

You are responsible for any calls or other use made via Our Telecommunications Services including where a third party has hacked in via Third Party Apparatus.

We expect you to ensure that all Third Party Apparatus is in good working order and complies with applicable standards, approvals and any relevant law.

We may disconnect any Third Party Apparatus if it does not conform to applicable standards, approvals or any relevant law in force at the time, if it may cause injury to any person or material damage to property, or it may impair the quality of any services we provide to our Customers.

We (or our partners) analyse end user call data records on a (6) six-hourly basis all day, every day to allow us to identify potentially fraudulent activity, risks and threats. If an alert on your number suggests suspicious or fraudulent activity, we will place an immediate outbound call bar on either the type of traffic or all outbound calls.

We will contact you via email and/or telephone to alert you to the suspicious activity. Potential fraud alerts do not prevent unauthorised access to your equipment, it is your responsibility to take remedial action on receipt of any such Potential Fraud Alerts. We shall not be liable to you for any indirect, consequential and/or special loss or damage, or for any liability you may have to third parties.

We shall not be liable to you for the acts or omissions of Network Operators or other providers of telecommunication services on whom we have to rely.