Brian Naylor - Training Director at TV Training, Pinewood Studios
After six months of putting up with a laptop that was getting slower, freezing and constantly showing error messages, ‘Vividly Simple’ had it ‘as good as new’ within a few hours. Not only that, I didn’t even have to leave the office as he offers a pick up and return service which is perfect for me as I’m a small business owner. 10 out of 10.

Becky Barrett, Becky Barrett Management
Truly the patience of a saint. No matter what the issue, they’ll spend the time needed to get the job done.
Becky Barrett, Becky Barrett Management


Sarah Browning - Browning York Ltd
Receiving support from Andy, Kevin and the rest of the team at Vividly Simple has made such a difference to my peace of mind. From persisting until they solved a long-term issue with my laptop to helping with smaller, one-off technical issues, they have always responded quickly and in terms that I have understood. As a small business owner, there are always a million things that need my attention. Knowing that I can turn to Vividly Simple for any IT-related questions means I don’t need to waste time trying to find answers from the internet (which are usually full of jargon and don’t make sense anyway) and means I can concentrate on the things I do best, such as supporting my own clients.
Sarah Browning, Browning York Ltd.


Rachel Eden - Holy Brook Associates
Andy, Kevin and the team are helpful and supportive. They provide us with the level of support that we need as a growing business and have adapted their support as our needs have developed. They are helping us ensure that we keep our clients’ data secure, use software suited to our needs as we grow and provide a personal service at a fair price.
Rachel Eden, Holy Brook Associates


Wendy - The Accounting Pig
I am really pleased Vividly Simple are in my life! IT Security is really key to my business and there is a wealth of info out there about what you should and shouldn’t do to protect yourself … but most is written in tech speak so how do you make a decision?? Well, you just tell the Vividly team what you need to achieve, they recommend a solution to you which contains no gobbledegook, you say yes please …. and as if by magic job done! With the Vividly team keeping an eye on my business, I know I’m in safe hands in this crazy tech world!
Wendy – Sty Director, The Accounting Pig


Amanda - ACE Market Research
The team at Vividly Simple are fab. I had a long list of IT niggles that I needed to tackle, but I was going around in circles in terms of finding the best solutions. We had a series of weekly chats, where we addressed one issue at a time, the guys would talk through my options without bombarding me with jargon and by the end of the session another thing would be resolved. I’m now at the stage where everything just works. And when it doesn’t, I know the helpdesk are there to make it all better again.
Amanda, ACE Market Research


Debbie - Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do
OMG I need you guys in my life! Thank you!
Debbie, Thames Valley Pro Taekwon-Do


Benna McCartney - Enterprise Exchange
Our experience of Vividly Simple has been extremely positive to date. They initially went out of their way to meet us in person to ascertain our specific needs and were very knowledgeable and friendly. Since then, they have followed up on everything we spoke about and explained it all in a simple and clear way. The service they provide has completely changed our experience of IT and we now feel completely safe in the knowledge that they will be there to support us every step of the way. We would highly recommend their service to any small business as they really do what they say they are going to do and cover all elements of IT support.
Benna McCartney, Enterprise Exchange


Having struggled setting up document sharing within Office 365, I was spending more and more on technical support but not getting a system that did what I wanted it to do. Vividly Simple had everything working as I wanted in no time and continue to be there whenever I need them.
A. Bateman, AMBA CoSec.