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Malware - protect your smartphone

A bug (known as Broadpwn) has been found in the world’s most popular smartphones that could result in the spread of malware from device to device. The bug is considered a serious flaw that could allow a hacker to gain access to potentially billions of smartphones, so check for software updates to help protect your smartphone from Malware.

The bug can spread like an everyday human virus, simply needing a vulnerable device to be close to an infected device (within Wi-Fi range) for the bug to jump across. The victim doesn’t have to do anything to become infected, and the attacker doesn’t need to know anything about the device they’re targeting.

Both Apple and Android have issued updates to their software, but iPhones and Android devices remain vulnerable until users update their smartphones and tablets. Apple users should ensure their iPhones are updated immediately to iOS 10.3.3, whereas Android users should apply the July security update for Android.

Instructions for Ipod, Ipad, Iphone can be found here.

Instructions for Android devices vary, but there’s a helpful video from TechAdvisor here.

The incidence of malware on mobile devices is increasing significantly, and we recommend you set your device to automatically download updates as soon as they become available.