Why Should I Get A Business Phone Number?

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The benefits of a business phone number

Most businesses still rely on their phones to communicate with clients. It can seem like the easiest option to use your smartphone to keep in touch, but is this really benefiting you? You can get ahead of the game, look more professional and inject a competitive advantage with a business phone number.

Separate your business and personal life

Keeping your personal and business lives separate becomes increasingly important as your business expands. If you want to set time aside for private time such as holidays without your mobile phone ringing constantly, then choosing, promoting and publicising a business phone number early in your business development really pays dividends.

Look professional and trustworthy

Whether you’re a managing director of a large firm or the owner of a small start-up, a business phone number helps to build and reinforce your company’s identity.

Choosing a geographic business phone number, such as an 0118 number for Reading or an 01908 number for Milton Keynes helps build a presence in a local community, and a geographic presence gives potential customers a greater sense of security in an increasingly online world.

Many businesses choose Freephone numbers such as 0800 or 0808 to make it easier for customers to get in touch as they are not then charged for the call… you, as the business owner, choose to foot the bill to develop your business and create an open and honest relationship from day one.

The business phone number itself can be highly beneficial if you choose one that’s memorable. Consecutive numbers are much easier to remember, and if people remember your number, they’ll remember you, your company, your products and services, and your brand. Business phone numbers are an integral and important part of your strategy and become part of your brand.

Greater flexibility with business phone systems

If you choose to combine a business phone number with a modern business telephony service, you can gain even more control of the experience your customers receive, with customised messages and greetings, and options to route calls to you when you want to receive them and route to your mobile – wherever you are – you can enjoy your private leisure time and still be in control of your business but on your terms.

Ultimately, a business phone number shows your customers, prospects, suppliers and business partners that you mean business. You project an authentic business profile and build credibility with your community. Business phone numbers really help you to stand out professionally from the crowd.

Why should I get a business phone number? Where to find out more

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