A business phone number is important, but are internet-based services worth looking into?

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Business phone number

It’s a good idea to have a business landline number, as customers are more likely to trust a company that has a business phone number than one that only presents a mobile number (they consider a business address important too). New Business, who provide independent advice to small businesses, also offer 10 more reasons.

Today, getting a business phone number is easier than it has ever been. Business telephone systems hosted in the cloud mean customers can take advantage of fully featured telephone services that use existing broadband connections. Cloud-based services allow service providers to offer extremely competitive prices, and a host of advanced features ready to switch on as needed.

Removing the requirement for a new telephone line to be installed also means you are no longer limited to phone numbers from your local dialling code. You can now choose a dialling code number from most regions of the UK, and there are options for Freephone (08xxx) numbers or 03xxx numbers that provide a single national point of contact for your customers.

Modern cloud-based services can be configured to deliver the customer experience that’s right for your business. Calls can automatically be forwarded to a mobile phone, or to a second number if not answered within a set time period, menus can be configured to give customers choices (press 1 for support, press 2 for …), and out of hours calls can be automatically sent to a customised voicemail box or virtual assistant service.

In short, the new breed of internet-based telephony services are a great solution for small businesses, offering flexible services at prices generally lower than traditional landlines.