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Service Overview

Traditional anti-virus software works well against file-based attacks but is less effective at protecting your business against the memory-based malware attacks that are more common today.

With traditional anti-virus solutions unable to detect much of this malware, we have partnered with Custodian360 to deliver SentinelOne next generation protection, which gives peace of mind from malware threats such as viruses, worms, trojan horses and importantly ransomware.

How we do it

Unlike anti-virus software which relies on comparing files on your computer with a list of known threats, our next generation anti malware protection learns through behaviour models to detect almost any type of attack without any prior knowledge.

We install a lightweight software agent on your computers and smartphones which identifies potentially dangerous activity. Any threats are quickly isolated, alerts raised, and our UK-based analysts assess any remedial action required. Once the attack is defeated, your systems are quickly returned to a pre-ransomware state, without loss of data.

How we do it

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