Malware Protection

What’s Included

Fully managed to protect your business from malware
Next-generation protection from threats including ransomware
Rolling monthly contracts for peace of mind
What’s included?

Our software agent will protect your business from malware 24 hours a day, identifying and isolating threats on protected devices as they arise, and our UK based analysts provide in-depth security analysis to provide:

  • Protection from conventional malware, file-less, browser or network threats
  • Recovery of any encrypted files, returning them to the exact state they were in prior to encryption
  • A post-detection report detailing the threat and what actions and remediation steps have been taken

Why not give us a try?

Our one month rolling contracts with no minimum term mean we don’t demand a long-term relationship – you’ll stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

How we do it

More Information

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