Spiralling IT costs – and how to avoid them

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avoid spiralling IT costs

With technology playing an increasing part in business life, most of us need some help from time to time. We’ve seen many cases of of spiralling IT costs, with customers paying high prices for what seem on the face of it relatively straightforward IT installations and maintenance.

It’s not uncommon to see small companies paying for help to set up new software for example, and then having to pay again to have that new software work the way their business needs it to. Bills rise as technicians make multiple visits to complete work and resolve issues that had been expected to be covered in the original setup. Companies often end up paying double or even triple the expected costs.

When you’re paying for IT Services by the hour (plus travel time), you will always have the dilemma of deciding when “enough is enough”. If you rely on a local IT support guy, you may also have to wait until they can fit you in around other clients. Our customers, on the other hand, receive a full year of help and support for what is often the price charged for a single call-out.

For just £22 per workstation per month, our Help & Support includes:

Voice and Video

  • Unlimited telephone and email based help and support for the systems you already have
  • Management of software updates and patches to protect you from Internet threats
  • Support for configuring and using Smartphones
  • Advice and support with Data Protection and privacy requirements
  • Help with ongoing configuration of services such as Office365, email and printing
  • Answers to as many “How do I…?” questions as you can think of
  • Monitoring and Management of data back-ups

Our UK based team is able to resolve most issues remotely keeping costs down and speeding up fix times, and we work behind the scenes, spotting and fixing potential issues before they become a problem meaning less of your time is lost to technical gremlins.

Why not let our UK based team take the stress and pain out of managing your workplace technology, remove the risk of spiralling IT costs … and let you get back to what you do best?

[Note – If your business has its own servers, management of these would attract an additional monthly charge per server. Cloud services such as Office365, Xero, Sage, Salesforce.com do not attract server charges.]

Give us a call or drop us an email today, and our helpful and friendly team can start to support you as early as tomorrow.

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