Streamline your IT, and gain control with Office 365

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Gain control of your business

Managing the administration side of your business across multiple IT systems can be extremely time consuming. A great way to streamline your IT and gain control of your business is by implementing Microsoft’s GDPR compliant Office 365 cloud services.

Microsoft Office 365 provides

  • A single integrated platform for email, storage, collaboration and video conferencing
  • The ability to work anywhere, from any device – Windows or Mac computers, and iOS, Android or Windows smartphones and tablets
  • Processes automation tools to reduce staff overheads
  • The latest MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.), always up to date

Implementing Office 365 brings additional business benefits too.

Gain control of the data you hold

New data protection regulations (GDPR) require companies to think again about the processing and protection of personal data. When data is spread across multiple systems, protecting it can be challenging.

Microsoft Office 365 also provides

  • Tools for tighter control over where your (customers’) data is held, and who can access it
  • Improved compliance with centralised email, document sharing, messaging and collaboration
  • Automated processes to mitigate errors and mistakes jeopardizing your data
  • An audit trail for the data you hold, from consent to disposal

Now is the ideal time to streamline your technology to get your IT working for you as it should, and as an added bonus reduce the effort required to manage your obligations under GDPR.

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your IT provider or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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