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Friendly, jargon-free Help, advice and support
Computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets
Month by month support with no minimum term
Friendly Support

Service Overview

Our helpful and friendly managed services team provide jargon-free help and support, leaving our customers free to focus on what they do best. We’re happy to help with anything from setting up email, Wi-Fi and other IT services to recovering lost documents, back-up and anti-virus management. We support your PC, laptop or Mac, and your smartphone, tablet, printers, servers and Internet access.

We also work behind the scenes remotely monitoring and managing your devices, servers and network to keep them updated and secure, spotting and fixing potential issues before they become a problem.

How we do it

We remove the complexity and stress from managing your workplace IT services by installing a little app that lets us see what’s going on, fix things remotely, and monitor how well everything is working. We provide regular reports to show how we’ve performed, how your devices and systems are performing, security and updates status, and advice or notification of things that need more attention. If you have a particular request, we’re happy to provide information as often as you need it.

How we do it

More Information

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